Our Mission

No Pollution

All motorised vehicles in our city (road and rail) have zero carbon emissions.


All London's roads are safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Children can walk and cycle to school in safety. 

Freight Transport

Organised to provide efficient delivery of goods while causing minimal disruption to Londoners' lives.


All motorised vehicles are powered from sustainable sources.

This is Our Mission
This is Our Mission

We look forward to London issuing bonds and raising local taxes, in common with many other world cities, to fund transport services and infrastructure.

No Congestion

Traffic flows freely on all London roads, including at peak times. 

Public Transport

Reliable, with good coverage, safe, speedy, and comfortable to use, with minimal access and transfer delays.

We look forward to it being free for all to use, as in some other world cities, not just for under- 16s and over-60s.

Regain Our Streets

London's residential streets have become one enormous car park, typically lines of vehicles are parked on both sides leaving a, often narrow, lane down the middle of the road for access and through traffic. 

It wasn't always like this.

Over time we envisage private car ownership continuing to shrink and every neighbourhood boasting a designated play-street, free from parked vehicles.