What we stand for

Morning Run

Streets are for People

We want London's roads to be safe for pedestrians and cyclists and for children to be able to walk and cycle to school in safety.

Rush Hour

Public Transport

A network of such quality that it will attract an increasing percentage of journeys to be made using this mode rather than by car or private hire vehicle. The network needs good coverage and to be safe, speedy and more accessible.

Film Clapboard

Road user

Road user pricing that funds improved public transport and reduces congestion and pollution from the tyre - road surface. Internal combustion to electric power is good / to be encouraged but there must also be modal shift so cars are less dominant, leading to a reduction in congestion, particulate matter pollution and injuries and deaths.

Crane Construction

Freight Transport & Deliveries

Use of rail and water to be maximised. Local deliveries to be made by electric vehicles or cargo bikes with some sharing of 'last mile' deliveries to minimise journeys.