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The FTL Podcast

Fare-free London: the case for free public transport across the capital

Simon Pirani, honorary professor at the University of Durham and author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption, proposes the introduction of free public transport across London.

HS2: An Alternative Infrastructure

FTL's Neil Roth proposes repurposing the Phase 1 tracks between Birmingham Curzon Street and Old Oak Common as a new western branch of the Elizabeth line. Connecting the HS2 tracks at Old Oak Common to the existing Elizabeth Line tracks nearby would be much quicker, simpler, and cheaper than extending HS2 to Euston

The Road to Net Zero: Part 2: Decarbonising the Broader Transport Sector

In the second of two podcasts, Dr Drew Pearce, Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London, considers the challenges of decarbonising the broader transport sector beyond private car usage

The Road to Net Zero: Part 1: Decarbonising the Car

In the first of two podcasts, Dr Drew Pearce, Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Imperial College, London, considers the challenges of decarbonising the transport sector. In this episode, Dr Pearce looks at climate policy and implications for private car usage. 

HS2 and Euston - an end in common?

FTL's Andrew Bosi explains the challenges of bringing HS2 into central London and why Old Oak Common rather than Euston may end up as the long term terminus for the completed HS2 line.

Silvertown: a tunnel too far?

Dominic Leggett from the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition explains why current plans for a new Thames crossing need rethinking. 

Lanes, Trains and Automobiles – transport and local government

David Gardner, Chair of the Highways Committee at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, discusses the challenges of transport planning in South East London, including implementing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, tackling air pollution and the ongoing controversy of the Silvertown Tunnel. 

Can Trams Save Our Cities?

Andrew Braddock, life-long tram advocate and the VP, and immediate past Chairman of the Light Rail Transit Association, looks at the future of the tram in our cities.  

Pay to Drive? The future of Road User Charging

Ollie Lord of the Clean Cities Campaign considers the development and future of road user charging in the capital. 

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: here to stay

Jeremy Leach, Chair of London Living Streets, makes the case for the adoption of more Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). 

Crossrail: the struggle to create a world class railway

Christian Wolmar on the ups and downs of the Crossrail project and why it might result in one of the best railways in the world. 

TfL in Trouble: Transport for London’s funding crisis

Andrew Bosi looks at the latest funding issues facing Transport for London.  

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