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Miscellaneous presentations, reports and documentation

Station developments


Transforming Liverpool Street Station

Network Rail, MTR and Sellar briefing on the improvements to Liverpool Street station

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Safety and travel/traffic impacts of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Presentation by Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster

  • LTNs are 2.7 times more likely to be in the most deprived areas than non-LTNs (thus benefitting most those on low incomes and most exposed to poor air quality etc)

  • LTNs have led to an increase of 115% (more than doubled) in walking by those within the LTN

  • LTNs have led to a 20% increase in cycling by those within the LTNs.

  • Traffic reduced by 42% within LTNs on average and reduced by 6% on the borders of LTNs (refuting the displacement argument)

  • There was a 7% reduction in car ownership within LTNs.

  • There was an 85% reduction in pedestrian injuries

  • Road Traffic injuries halved compared to the rest of London.

  • There was a 10% reduction in in crime within LTNs compared to non-LTNs including an 18% reduction in crimes against the person.

Notes by Cllr David Gardner, Chair, Highways Committee, Greenwich Council


The case for trams and their benefits for London 

Andrew Braddock, VP, Light Rail Transit Association

Presented at monthly FTL meeting, November 2021 

Issues Arising from the Sandilands Tram Derailment Inquests

John Cartledge

Presented at monthly FTL meeting, November 2021 

Walking strategies

Leisure walking plan

Transport for London, November 2022

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